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Welcome to the Château Collection by Ten Inch Smile Soap and Candle Works. Discover the elegance and luxury encapsulated in our 3 oz Tin Jar Candles, thoughtfully crafted to elevate your space with their delightful scents and sophisticated design.


Key Features:
Wax Blend: Made with a premium blend of soy and coconut wax for a clean and long-lasting burn.
Size: 3 oz tin jars, perfect for travel or adding a touch of ambiance to any room.
Scents: Choose from our exclusive fragrance selection:

Ocean Orchid: A refreshing and invigorating scent reminiscent of a serene seaside escape.

Mediterranean: A captivating blend that transports you to the sun-soaked coasts with hints of citrus and olive.

Sage & Rosemary: A soothing and herbaceous aroma that brings the tranquility of a lush garden indoors.

White Tea: A delicate and refined fragrance that offers a calming and sophisticated ambiance.

Product Details:
Ingredients: Natural soy and coconut wax, high-quality fragrance oils.
Burn Time: Approximately 20 hours per candle.
Packaging: Elegant tin jars with a minimalist design, perfect for gifting or personal use.
Eco-Friendly: Our candles are made with sustainably sourced materials and are free from harmful chemicals.

Why Choose The Château Collection?
At Ten Inch Smile Soap and Candle Works, we pride ourselves on creating products that bring joy and relaxation to your everyday life. Our Château Collection candles are designed to provide a luxurious experience, combining beautiful scents with clean-burning, eco-friendly wax.


Add a touch of elegance to your home or give the gift of luxury with The Château Collection 3 oz Tin Jar Candles. Order now and let the enchanting aromas fill your space.


Care Instructions:

  • Trim the wick to 1/4 inch before each use.
  • Allow the wax to melt to the edge of the tin for an even burn.
  • Do not burn for more than 4 hours at a time.
  • Keep away from drafts and flammable objects.

Safety Tips:

  • Never leave a burning candle unattended.
  • Keep out of reach of children and pets.
  • Place on a heat-resistant surface.


Explore the Château Collection today and experience the luxury of handcrafted, artisan candles from Ten Inch Smile Soap and Candle Works.

The Château Collection Tin Jar Candles

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