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We are Adam and Jeannie and 

We are soap makers!

Meet Jeannie, a language expert with a Doctorate in Modern Languages in French and Spanish from Middlebury College in Vermont. She's dedicated to her work in the educational field, but her passion for crafting runs just as deep. Jeannie believes that anyone can tap into their creative side, as long as they find their inspiration.

She added soap-making in 2017 and she's been honing her craft and experimenting with new techniques. Living in Virginia has been especially inspiring for her, as the state has seen a surge in breweries. Jeannie has always admired the craft beer community and is thrilled to partner with local breweries to create unique beer soaps. She's excited to share her creations with you and hopes to inspire others to explore their own passions.

Adam, a dedicated social worker with over 20 years of experience in behavioral health, has recently embarked on a new venture with his partner Jeannie. Together, they have noticed the growing trend of breweries and wineries in the Northern Virginia area and have decided to take advantage of this opportunity by starting a business focused on crafting soap using the unique and flavorful beers produced by these micro-breweries. Jeannie's crafting skills and passion for creating unique products make her the perfect partner for this venture.

Adam is excited to leverage the talents and unique beers of the micro-brewery industry to create high-quality, imaginative soaps. He believes that these locally-sourced and crafted beers will give his soap a distinct and exceptional quality. So, raise a glass to Adam and Jeannie's innovative enterprise and the sudsy creations that are sure to come. 

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Meet Zoey, our resident cuteness-overlord and top dog (literally) at just 11 years young. This English Chocolate Lab is one of the most adorable and friendly pups you'll ever lay eyes on. She's got a love for all things life has to offer: people, new places, water, treats, toys, and let's not forget the most important thing - food. She's mastered the art of hypnosis with her big brown eyes, just one look and you're handing over all the treats. She's got a gift for making even the biggest dog skeptics fall in love with canines. We're pretty obsessed with our Zoey and we're sure you will be too.

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