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We are Adam and Jeannie and 

We are soap and candle makers!

Meet Jeannie, a dedicated language expert holding a Doctorate in Modern Languages in French and Spanish from Middlebury College in Vermont. While her primary focus lies in the educational field, Jeannie's enthusiasm for crafting is equally profound. With a firm belief that creativity is within everyone's reach, she embarked on soap and candle making in 2017, continuously refining her skills and embracing innovative techniques. Residing with Adam in Downtown Leesburg, Virginia, has been a wellspring of inspiration, particularly with the burgeoning brewery culture. Jeannie's admiration for the craft beer community has led her to collaborate with local breweries, crafting unique beer soaps. She eagerly anticipates sharing her creations with you, aspiring to ignite a passion for exploration and self-expression in others.

Adam, a seasoned social worker with over 20 years of experience in behavioral health, has joined forces with his partner Jeannie to embark on an exciting new journey. Together, they've observed the burgeoning brewery and winery scene in Northern Virginia and seized the opportunity to establish a business centered around crafting soap. Their vision? To harness local microbreweries' unique and flavorful beers, infusing them into meticulously handcrafted soaps.
Jeannie's adept crafting skills and passion for innovation make her an indispensable collaborator in this venture. With Adam's expertise and Jeannie's creativity, they're poised to create a line of exceptional, artisanal soaps.
Adam is thrilled to merge the talents of microbreweries of soap-making, confident that these locally sourced ingredients will imbue their creations with unparalleled quality and character. Join Adam and Jeannie in celebrating their innovative enterprise, raising a glass to the exciting journey ahead and the sudsy delights it promises to bring.
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Introducing Zoey, our beloved fur-baby and reigning cuteness-overlord here at just 13 years young. As an English Chocolate Lab, Zoey embodies the epitome of charm and warmth, greeting everyone with a wagging tail and a heart full of love. Her zest for life knows no bounds; whether it's meeting new friends, exploring new places, splashing in water, or indulging in treats and toys, Zoey savors every moment with boundless enthusiasm. With her soulful brown eyes, she's perfected the art of hypnotizing even the staunchest skeptics into unconditional adoration. We're utterly smitten with our Zoey, and we have no doubt that you'll fall head over heels for her irresistible charm too.

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