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Breweries: We create soap from your beer!

Your Craft Beer

Our Creation

Beer Soap

Galena, Bourbon & Orange Hop Soap

Product Vision

Each batch of beer soap is unique. You supply the beer, and we brew the soap. We provide our soap-making expertise to create unique and tailored soap bars. We will draw inspiration from your craft beer's name, label, and colors to produce signature soap. To allow for the expression of the soap, these bars are fragrance-free.


We also make soaps with hops. Share your vision, and we can customize the soap. These soaps may be scented with essential or fragrance oils. They can also be colored using natural ingredients such as turmeric, cocoa powder, spirulina, or mica powders. There are endless possibilities!

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Packaging Vision

Our one-of-a-kind, custom-made packaging is designed and printed by Ten Inch Smile. Each bar is film-wrapped and placed in a beer mug or bottle pocket wrapper, depending on the size of the soap. They are labeled accordingly with the option of your company logo on the back.

Find our Beer and Hop Soaps here:

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